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How I Work

Yelling "No!" at your dog over and over with 0 results? Worry you're not teaching your dog the "right" way?

Unsure you can solve issues that arise with your pet?  Be more confident when training your dog with the methods I'll teach you. (And don't forget to have fun!)



LIMA is the code of ethics I train by; it stands for Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive. All dog trainers registered with the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) must agree to use this humane hierarchy. This means that l’ll protect your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing while training. Your pal will be in the best of hands. 

Fluffy dog


Treats are a delicious reward for wanted behaviors (and yes, I use them in sessions), and mistakes are met with curiosity instead of punishment. You’ll learn what works best to reinforce good behaviors and why yelling and choke collars don't work in the long term. 



A dog that has her needs met is a happy dog. I'll teach you how to work with your dog’s unique mind so she is content and teachable. And I'll work with your lifestyle to ensure your entire family is enjoying your furry friend!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Less Stress

Dogs will be dogs. We cannot change their genetics, but we can work with them. It's much easier to teach a dog what you want him to do... not what you don't want him to do. You'll be surprised the results you get from this approach, and you and your dog will both be less stressed!

Adorable puppy

No Puppy Blues

I love working with puppies! My special puppy package helps you and your new friend get started off on the right paw. I specialize in helping alleviate the unique stress that a puppy can cause in your life. Sleepless nights and accidents can easily become a doom-and-gloom situation for new puppy parents. I’ll teach you how to create a puppy schedule and give you easy-to-implement ways to avoid the puppy blues. ​

Rescue dog

Great Communication

How do you know that your dog is “getting” what you’re trying to teach him? I’ll show you how to clearly and effectively communicate with your pet using marker training. This type of training achieves positive results and teaches your dog to be confident and curious. Marker training is used for all animals in zoos, and it can work for your best friend too. 

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